Hosted Services

Hosted Microsoft Exchange: With our hosted exchange services, we can seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Outlook e-mail across all of your devices, including Google Android phones, iPhones, Windows Mobile phones, laptops, or even another computer at your home or office. How does it work? Say you have a laptop, desktop computer, and an iPhone. With hosted Exchange all your devices will be continuously synchronized, including your e-mail , calendaring items, contacts, deleted email, etc. When you receive a new e-mail, it will show up instantly on all three devices. When you read that e-mail on one of the devices, it shows up as being read on all three devices. Similarly if you create a new contact in Microsoft Outlook on your desktop PC, it will be immediately replicated to your iPhone and your laptop without having to do anything on your part.

$29/mo for 1GB of space + support for either 1 iPhone or 1 Windows Mobile

Online Backup: Our reliable, online backup services securely stream your data off-site to protect your data from almost any type of damage including, theft, natural disaster, hardware failure, etc.

$10 plus $.50/GB per month.

Advanced e-mail hosting: Our advanced e-mail hosting can reduce the amount of spam and viruses you get by over 99%, saving you precious time. In addition, our servers act as a firewall to protect your network.

$30/mo. for up to 30 users.

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